My coaching specialism is creating purpose-led careers, businesses & organisations.

I’ve always believed that careers and businesses succeed when meaning and purpose are at the heart of how they function. When I saw that my hunch was backed by research from Harvard Business Review I knew that I could help others in the business world create values-based paths to success and fulfilment.

Knowing that taking the journey of recognising what we long for and standing in our truth is not easy I devised a way of guiding others.  This way of coaching leads you to reveal the insights that unlock your values, purpose and vision; and feel confident about realising your vision.

Awakening a purposeful professional life that means your uniqueness will sing.

Having faced challenges in my career, I struggled to find a path that was for me. Bucking the then yuppy trend of excessive materialism, I dedicated myself to finding deeper meaning and understanding of myself and others.  This was the foundation for making my own contribution towards a better world.


IGNITE Manager

University of Exeter, 2012-16

Learning & Development

University of Exeter 2010-12


Learning Consultant

Freelance, 2008-date


Career Coach

Freelance, 2007-date


Yoga Teacher

Freelance, 2001-2008


Facet 5 Psychometric

Accredited, 2009


Certificate in Training Practise

CIPD, 2005-06


Shiatsu Practitioner

Bristol School of Shiatsu, 1999-2002


Teacher of Yoga

Sivananda, India, 2000


Post Graduate of Education

University of Bristol, 1991-92


BSc(Hons), Mathematical Sciences

University of London, 1986-89



Hewlett Packard



Bristol City Council

AXA Sunlife

Norwich Union

Created Entrepreneurship Module and Mentoring Eco-System - internationally recognised MBA and undergraduate programme



Counselling and Psychotherapy


Yoga, Qigong, Meditation and Retreats


Solo Trekking in The Himalayas


My life has been characterised by contrasts.  I grew up on a council estate and managed to get into Grammar School and then University.  I saw Bob Dylan play live and attended Trade Union rallies in the 70’s. In the 90’s I backpacked in India and ended up meditating with the Dalai Lama.

      My wisdom has been hard-won.

I’ve taught both yoga and maths, worked with homeless people, had a meeting with a Cabinet Office Director, networked with investors at the Shard and had 7 days in silence at an ashram in India. More recently I’ve overcome illness, dealt with traumatic loss and built my own business from scratch. 

I’ve developed a curiosity about human behaviour and have been forced to pave my own way. I’m now able to act as a bridge between different perspectives, challenge limited perceptions and develop innovative thinking. This journey has built my capacities for wisdom, compassion, empathy and resilience.

Somehow, beyond just the rational mind all the craziness in the world makes sense. We’re being called to action and

make our unique contribution

My sense is that there is a growing movement towards a more just society and my coaching reflects this fully. 

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