Are you feeling overwhelmed by the opportunities, as well as the difficulties that this brings?

Has your organisation lost its’ sense of purpose and direction?

Executive, Leadership &

Team Coaching

Is your business facing unprecedented challenges?

A purpose-driven & values-based approach will unlock

powerful solutions to the

hard business decisions you face.

It’s well documented that done right, purpose leads to:

  • innovative business solutions in turbulent times

  • greater clarity and confidence about the action to take

  • stronger, happier high-functioning teams

  • increased collaboration and breakdown of silos

  • higher levels of engagement

  • and . . . increased profits

However, all too often it goes wrong because it’s:

. . . a veneer applied to the status quo - instead of being truly lived in culture, operations and hard business decisions. . . .this approach is doing more – and more long-lasting– damage than good.

Alex Dimiziani

Global Marketing Director, Airbnb

At a time when consumers are getting more conscious and when staff are wanting more meaning they are all too ready to blow the cover of ‘purpose without integrity’. They want leaders who are walking the talk.

So how do you get it right?

I believe that many of the answers lie, untapped, within you and your team/organisation. The key to making a greater impact is to: access, validate and implement your deeper insights. And developing your self-leadership to influence your own thoughts and behaviours. This results in powerful actions that are impactful, in alignment with your values and inspire the best/ingenuity of those around you.

The Cycle Of Transformation

Working with both individuals and teams, my coaching allows you to access these deeper insights and takes you through the model of the Cycle of Transformation I developed.

It creates values-based paths to success and fulfilment - for you/team/organisation. Increasing your capacity to navigate

organisational upheaval, engage teams, delegate effectively and implement innovative solutions in turbulent times.




Individual coaching, whether you’re:

  • Lonely at the top - need to bounce ideas off someone or space to reflect on your development

  • Leading a business start-up - a critical time to explore your relationship with the business

  • Or developing your leaders of tomorrow



For when you have a group of people rather than a high-performance team. Team coaching builds trust, honest communication, consensus and collaboration. For:


  • Leadership teams

  • Newly formed boards

  • And teams up, down and across the organisation



In addition to individual and team coaching, I offer a blended solution to amplify results.

to contact me to arrange an initial free consultation. We will discuss your specific needs and see if we’re a good fit for creating a sustainable, purposeful solution to your current business challenges.

You're Invited


At the point when an idea can easily be squashed, you gave me the confidence to continue.

Matt, Company Director

Business valued at £1.4m within 18 months

I was able to overcome the blocks I had to creating success, and with Louise's support, I was able to take the steps necessary to exceeding my financial goals.


Business Owner

Louise helped me find the courage to pursue a business dream I have harboured secretly for years.

Julia Collins

Managing Director

Louise really motivated everyone.

Fleur Barr

Environmental Health Specialist

Working with Louise has been brilliant. She's always upbeat and supportive.


What particularly impressed me was your uncanny knack to ask the right questions time and again.


Business Owner

. . . a warm natural approach, lots of energy, and a good sense of humour. . . insightful understanding of the creative side of innovation and entrepreneurship.

William Casely

MBA Deputy Director, University of Exeter

The students are on fire. The University of Exeter is very lucky to have you on the agenda.

Graham Harrison


The best managers meeting yet.

Tracy Costello

Deputy CEO

Louise enables you to reconnect with what really inspires you. She allowed me to rediscover how I can best contribute, and make a difference.


Marketing Consultant