Do you have outer success, but a scarcity of meaning?

Is your career feeling . . . well, a little claustrophobic?

Do you know you have more to offer and that there’s more to life than this…?

This can be a painful place to be, and often the traditional methods of moving on in your career don’t lead to the results you really long for.

Are you ready to re-define success?

Success on your terms, informed by your own insights will transform your career.

My approach to career coaching will help you find where:

values matter

making a positive impact counts

personal fulfilment is relevant

I believe the best place to turn, is inwards. To re-awaken your ingenuity, to find that spark of what lights you up and to let go of the conditioning that is holding you back. And then to take the courageous action that will lead you to make your best impact.


It may sound deceptively simple. However, the journey of following your unique path and standing up for what you believe in is likely to provide some challenges along the way. These challenges will develop you in ways you may not be able to fathom right now.

If you would like to get clear on your path, be able to manage the fear of doing it your way and get support for moving on from the status quo - then my 1:1 guidance sessions could be what you’re looking for.


You will be gently guided to discern your own inner wisdom - from all the internal and external mental chatter. This will give you both clarity of purpose and a compelling vision. Knowing where you’re heading, and why, begins to bring an energy and focus to how you’re going to make it happen. And, after some research, it’s about reaching out and making/building the connections that are going to take you forward.

I offer 6-month bespoke coaching programmes. Working in London, Devon, Bristol and via Skype.


I'd love to hear from you

Complimentary Coaching Session

If you’re a professional longing for more meaning and purpose, feel free to contact me to book a complimentary coaching session.

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Louise has been a real inspiration in her support this year.  Her interest in innovation and development is a strong addition to her coaching skills.


Bertie Archer

Vice President, Academic Affairs





I don't recall having listed my goals with such ease before. It was very refreshing to be transported away from a place where I might be more inclined to concentrate on the negative. It felt safe.


Adam, University Graduate





I feel so much clearer on what I need to focus on, and what to let go of.


participant of Schumacher College Programme





I met Louise at a time when I lacked true direction. I had a mind full of ideas and experience but not the confidence to take a life-changing step. Louise focussed me on believing in myself and used her incredible experience to guide me in the right direction.


University of Exeter graduate

I would not have got this job without your support. Thank you.


International Rugby Board Employee





Thank you. You helped me attain a sense of focus and awakened my ability to recognise what makes me feel fulfilled and happy. I am so grateful to you for all the energy you gave to me, and the patience with which you dealt with my uncertainty.


Investment Banker





I am now doing something I love. Thank you.


Rachael, Events Management





I now remain positive and have developed a sense of hope in the situation.  A positive experience and one that I'd recommend.  At every stage, I felt that you had a genuine interest in my career situation and finding ways to remedy it.


transitioned to environmental sector