I believe that you are here, on planet earth, for a reason.

I also believe that the more you’re in alignment with what has meaning for you, the more rewarding your life will be. And the more fulfilling your contribution will be.

I also believe that on this journey it’s as important how you show up, as what you do.

You’ve probably tried the usual means of creating success, and they are no longer working for you.


You’re ready to try something new.

Our 1:1 guidance sessions will gently connect you with your own innate wisdom, your intuition. Deep down, you know what is best for you. I will just help clear the path for you to listen to your own inner voice, and support you to find the confidence to pursue your dreams – the ones that really matter.

I blend my 23+ years of personal and spiritual development with: 4 years of empowering early stage entrepreneurs; coaching people at all levels through career change; 8 years as a yoga teacher; my analytical capacity developed during my maths degree.

We will meet face-to-face in Bristol, Devon or London.


Sessions last for 90-120 minutes.


For a free conversation to see if this is a good fit for your right now, please contact me:  


Bristol, Devon or London...