The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.  There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why. 


Albert Einstein

I believe that you are here, on planet earth, for a reason.

I also believe that the more you’re in alignment with what has meaning for you, the more rewarding your life will be. And the more fulfilling your contribution will be.

I also believe that on this journey it’s as important how you show up, as what you do.

You’ve probably tried the usual means of creating success, and they are no longer working for you.


You’re ready to try something new.

Our 1:1 guidance sessions will gently connect you with your own innate wisdom, your intuition. Deep down, you know what is best for you. I will just help clear the path for you to listen to your own inner voice, and support you to find the confidence to pursue your dreams – the ones that really matter.

I blend my 23+ years of personal and spiritual development with: 4 years of empowering early stage entrepreneurs; coaching people at all levels through career change; 8 years as a yoga teacher; my analytical capacity developed during my maths degree.

We will meet face-to-face in Bristol, Devon or London.


Sessions last for 90-120 minutes.


For a free conversation to see if this is a good fit for your right now, please contact me:

Bristol, Devon or London...

"Louise is an exemplary professional coach. She has the rare ability to listen in a unique way that really “hears” what’s underneath my words. Her insights and direction are always on target. She has introduced me to the concepts of being present and making space. That has helped me listen to myself and find the courage to pursue a business dream I have harboured secretly for years. I feel supported and championed in the attainment of my new life. I definitely have a stronger voice and advocate within, as a result of working with Louise".


Julia Collins, Managing Director


"I am now doing something I love.  Thank you".


"I will remember that amazing feeling of, "Yes!  That's it!" when you summed up my hours long worth of rambling into a clear - and accurate - mission statement.  I appreciated your encouragement and thought-provoking questions along the way......genuine and caring .....a heartfelt thanks!"


"I was able to set clear business objectives and clarified the short-term, practical next-steps to creating success". 

"Louise works in a very subtle and sensitive way to enable you to reconnect with what really inspires you.  She helps you identify areas in which you can shine, and also obstacles that may prevent you from fulfilling your potential.  Her calm support, clarity and integrity means that Louise is working on a very deep level.  By looking at what motivates you, she can also allow you to discover – or rediscover – how you can best contribute, and make a difference." 


"She combines this depth and sensitivity, with a very grounded attention to detail, and to prioritising goals.  What makes this process so helpful, is that Louise’s holistic and very supportive approach enables you to acknowledge, and have confidence in your vision for the future, while also identifying the practical steps towards making that vision a reality".

Portfolio worker – freelance marketing manager and writer



"What particularly impressed me was your uncanny knack to ask the right question time and again".


Business owner



"I don't recall having listed my goals with such ease before. Your approach was a positive one.  My notes contained possible avenues of investigation, strategies for interviews and quite importantly, a list of my recent achievements during my career development. It was very refreshing to be transported away from a place where I might be more inclined to concentrate on the negative. It felt safe. You helped me build upon my current work and find existing threads from that to follow". 

Recent graduate



"Thank you for all the time and attention you gave me, and all of your wise words, and the sense of hope you gave me. I felt you helped me attain a sense of focus and awakened my ability to recognise what makes me feel fulfilled and happy. I am so grateful to you for all the energy you gave to me, and the patience with which you dealt with my uncertainty".

Investment banker


"Louise has been a real inspiration in her support this year.  She coaches in an easy and relaxed manner which is encouraging and effective.  Her interest in innovation and development is a strong addition to her coaching skills, giving her the flexibility to work with a range of people and on any topic."

Recent graduate gaining a place on the highly competitive Civil Service Faststream. 

"I would not have got this job without your support – thank you".

Graduate gaining a coveted position with the International Rugby Board. 


"I now remain positive and have developed a sense of hope in the situation.  A positive experience and one that I'd recommend.  At every stage I felt that you had a genuine interest in my job situation and finding ways to remedy it"


"I met Louise at a time when I lacked true direction. I had a mind full of ideas and experience but not the confidence to take a life changing step. Louise not only gave me the opportunity to discuss and explore these in a truly facilitative way and introduce me into a network where I can realise my potential, she focussed me on in believing in myself and used her incredible experience to guide me in the right direction."


"Working with Louise has been brilliant. She’s always upbeat and supportive."


"I have recently worked with Louise on the MBA Entrepreneurship Module. Bringing a wealth of experience of innovation and personal development, Louise acted as a facilitator, teacher and mentor.  Specifically, Louise assisted in creating a module to pragmatically teach MBA students the fundamentals of starting a new venture. Within the module she designed and delivered various workshops, and also assisted in mentoring students with the development of their ventures.


Louise showed great rapport with the students early on, mixing freely to engage them in the process. A warm natural approach, lots of energy, and with a good sense of humour, Louise demonstrated a convincing and controlled teaching environment. This was supported by insightful understanding of the subject, particularly the creative side of innovation and entrepreneurship. As a result delegates became significantly more confident about the whole process of venture creation, and particularly their propensity for idea generation.

Simply put, Louise is a pleasure to work with. She is positive, thoughtful, open, encouraging, reliable, fun, and professional, and has excellent people skills. Importantly she is focused on delivering a quality product. On this basis I am very much looking forward to having Louise back to assist in future MBA Entrepreneurship modules.

I would highly recommend Louise for a wide range of training and facilitation where she brings a deep understanding of innovation and creativity.  "

William Casely

Deputy Director One Planet MBA Programme

Lecturer in Business Management, Department of Management Studies, University of Exeter Business School

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