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All that you have done and become so far will be
used in the next part of your journey . . .

When you’ve grown tired and worn out with chasing the external markers of success and you’re longing for greater meaning, I’m here to guide you home, to your heart where the seeds lie for all that you long to be.


I’ve had the confidence to follow my heart, even when it has led me off the well-worn path. And the dots do join up when I look back. The journey has been eclectic and it has all prepared me for guiding you to re-discover your own inner spark.

I love guiding people to find what
lights them up . . .

 . . . and then to innovate and make the positive changes required to align their lives with what has most meaning.

I’ve done this as a career coach, running a successful student entrepreneur unit for 4 years at the University of Exeter, as a yoga teacher for 8 years, a Learning and Development professional and as a Shiatsu practitioner.

In 2012, in just 3 short months my world was turned upside down - my fiancé passed away suddenly, I left the village I loved and had an enforced career change. It required a deep transformation by putting all I’d learnt, and more, into practise. I navigated it well.


Soon afterwards, I had a sudden and inexplicable knowing that I was loved and supported, beyond my wildest dreams, no matter what.


I’m continuing to explore the balance between acknowledging the difficulties of life, whilst also knowing that on some deeper level everything is very OK and as it’s meant to be.

The maths degree was great for developing my analytical questioning, lateral thinking and ability to connect ideas and people.


And then the confusion of not knowing what I wanted to do afterwards - the obvious choices left me cold - started a life-long investigation into the meeting place between personal development and careers.


25 years on, I’m a veteran of self-development, meditation and retreats and have the hard-won wisdom from a seriously tough time. I’ve had adventures in India and Nepal – trekked on my own in the Himalayas, spent days in silence at Ashrams, stayed as part of a Sikh family in Delhi, lived with a Tibetan monk and meditated with the Dalai Lama.

I am a change-maker, truth-seeker, visionary, adventurer, dancer and live with great heart, most of the time.

I’m a strong believer in listening to and honouring our intuition. This has been what has supported me navigate my own journey so well. It gives us access to the same intelligence that guides the stars and planets, and that creates a mighty oak from a tiny acorn.


Our intuitive voice can guide us to our deepest fulfilment, which tends to coincide with what our own unique contribution to making the world a better place is.


I have great belief in your capacity to adapt and change. To create the meaning in your life you are longing for. I’m highly skilled at guiding people to listen to their intuition and create transitions that have meaning for both them and the world.

If you’re ready to be inspired, to re-discover your inner spark and know how best to embed greater meaning in your life……

If you’re ready to be inspired, to re-discover your inner spark and to know how best to embed greater meaning in your life……

to join us in Spring 2018 (date to be announced)  for our Life Spark Retreat, at the beautiful Anrán Manor house in South Devon, England.

You're invited

Anran Manor House Devon
Anran Manor House Devon
Anran Manor House Devon

Or contact me to talk about a one to one coaching session, either in Devon, Bristol or London...