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Is your success getting in the way?

September 11, 2017

Do you REALLY want to be sat there, back at your desk again? Another Monday geared up for your 40+ hour week? Are you stuck in ‘The Relentless Loop’ of being driven to achieve and acquire more?


You’re intelligent, creative and used to making big things happen. However you haven’t managed to disrupt the status quo and find the freedom to be living a life of great meaning.


It could be that your success is getting in the way of what you most long for . . . and taking you around ‘The Relentless Loop’ for yet another spin…



The more times you go around, the greater your pain of turning away from your longing, the more you feel disappointment and frustration and the over-ride and relentless drive only seem to get messier. Aaarggh!


For a clue of what’s going on here, let’s take a quick peek inside your skull. The triune brain model provides a useful, though not scientifically rigorous, framework of three layers of the brain. The first layer is the lizard brain, which is all about survival, protection and fornication. The other two layers govern emotions, analytical reasoning, problem-solving and regulatory abilities.


The lizard brain just loves power, identity, status and money. So when you get around to thinking about disrupting the status quo you’re undermining its, and therefore your, fundamental feeling of safety and security. Picture a large, angry, crocodile doing its best to defend. . . anger, panic, fear . . . snapping of jaws. And you’ve pretty much got it. It’s not pretty. Therefore, as your lizard brain has more to fight for:


‘it could be your success is what stands in your way . . .’


Business as usual is what the lizard brain wants. It limits your capacity to problem solve, reason and be creative. It reinforces The Relentless Loop. It moves you away from clarifying and moving towards what you long for.


Add to the mix that society, media, colleagues, peers and family seem to conspire with the opinions of our dear old lizard brains. The odds seemed to be stacked against breaking free of The Relentless Loop. And yet the longing remains and the world is waiting for you to show up in other ways, to contribute your genius and insights.


So what can you do?

The primary emotion that drives The Relentless Loop is fear, so managing the fear is fundamental. Pause away from the pressures of everyday life, spend time in a peaceful and tranquil environment, experience the support of like-minded people and be guided to listen to, trust and act on your deepest intuition. Your intuition is the greatest navigation tool that you have.


For the ideal conditions to get off this seemingly relentless merry-go-round, join me, Louise Rose for the Life Spark Retreat in South Devon, 16-19 November:





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